Monday, 11 January 2016


Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.” 

Wait. What?

“How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.”

Oh my… I wish we could.

Here’s this. No person who is “actually” worried about terrorism, would participate in terrorism. It’s the terrorists who participate. That’s all.

We can’t defeat terrorism simply by being not terrorized. Like literally.

Yes, the government can.

The recent Pathankot Attack in India was an example of how the Government can screw a healthy, peaceful country atmosphere. Our PM has done what he thought was right. The sudden visit to Pakistan must have been his “Mann ki Baat”; only that he decided to earn all credit for himself. Not forgetting that he was busy in making a record of the most number of foreign visits, let’s take the clue from there too. 

Trying to revive a broken friendship is not helpless. But, the PM has showed us what happens when we try to fix a broken friendship according to Wiki How ( Check this if you didn’t get the reference). Seriously, Wiki How. Stop making people believe that shit. Wiki How has this intention of trying to help… everyone… on the… planet. Like, how to drink more… water… every day. Well…

The PM, of course, had no bad intentions. But, the terrorists had. And, they did what they are born for: Die.

The film, “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” portrayed the so called I-will-always-support-you relationship between the common people of India and Pakistan. 

Even after strong evidences, this is what we get to see on Twitter.

And this. #PassiveAgression



To have an idea of where actually our relationship with Pakistan stands, check out this video by AIB:

So, what has the “peace process” between Pakistan and India done?

This is as useless as trying to teach extrovert people what “introvert” means (try doing it).

Try recalling history. Though it is called the “peace” process, it always led to terrorism. Look at the present scenario. Like, the Aamir Khan Story. For India, Intolerance=Pakistan chaley jao. Kya yaar, aur koi country nahi mila?

For Pakistan, Intolerance=India mein bomb phodo! *no comments*

Humari desh mein toh siblings ke beech bhi peace process nahi chalta. There’s always this brother/sister who behaves like Arvind Kejriwal.

It’s just that both the people of India and Pakistan are suffering from what ‘Johnny’, the duplicate of ‘Mamaji’ of the movie “Humshakals” was suffering from (well done, Sajid Khan). Just replace the process of “sneezing” with “peace”.

So, people of great stands! The only way to stop these terror attacks: Stop the Peace Process. That’s it.

At least, try not to attend birthday parties at Pakistan, without letting security forces know.   

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